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The  Story of DJ Bistro

Family, Friends, Good Food, and Good Beer

DJ Bistro was started in 1996 by Jaroslav "Jerry" Šedivý, a Czech political refugee of the 1970's. Jerry learned the trade  working in great restaurants of Germany's Bavarian region, and later in San Francisco and its Bay Area. His idea of opening up a cozy place that serves homestyle German, Czechoslovak, Polish and Hungarian cuisine in Concord stemmed from the vicinity's large Central European community and the fact that there were no similar eateries within a reasonable distance. Jerry devoted 25 years of daily effort to creating a home base for travelers, a fan base among the locals, and for his country people and everyone else a spot to get together, eat, drink, talk, and sing.

When in 2021 Jerry decided to retire and sell "DJ's", the news caused some real panic at the disco... Well, at the minimum it brought a very uneasy feeling upon the Central European community of Contra Costa and surrounds. But fears of seeing the Bistro vanish could soon be set free. An energetic Czech-Moravian couple of long time Concord residents, who had met while dining at the place and liked each other enough to get married, decided to step up to the proverbial plate(s), taps, pots and pans. They bought the restaurant in the Fall of that year, believing its glory should live on.

Tereza and Pavel Novosad, the new owners of DJ Bistro, both grew up with some great home cooking that taught them the love of good food. That has become one of the things they now share with their kids, and their customers.  Pavel comes from an old Moravian town and a family that has always kept chickens, meat rabbits, geese, turkeys, and even a couple of pigs for the annual homemade roast. Tereza's birthplace is in the foothills of the famous Czech 'Giant Mountains' named Krkonoše. This region has historically been known for its resourceful recipes that utilize ingredients from local land and its sprawling woodland.

Tereza and Pavel are determined to preserve DJ's legacy. They might have a thing or two to learn about the business but perhaps more importantly, they are committed to making the beloved Bistro theirs, in the same spirit that was always there: a home away from home for family, friends and community, with good beer, good music, and honest old world comfort food DJ Bistro has championed from the very start.

Jerry and the girls
Tereza Novosad
Pavel Novosad a few yers ago
Pavel Novosad today

Helping to create new memories and bring out old ones


Many Bay Area Central Europeans try hard instilling native languages and cultures in their offspring. We try helping with happy memory making through the lure of our national cuisines. 'Knedlíky', a.k.a. dumplings, are usually the favorite with kids, as is the Wiener Schnitzel and Bohemian Sauerbraten.

At the same time, DJ Bistro much enjoys seeing its old-timer customers come back regularly for a bit of the homeland feel or just for a plate of honest  comfort food.

And, we looove welcoming everyone else who falls anywhere in-between!

Come and see us soon!


has always been a big part of the European pub scene and we have happily continued the tradition. Singing and beer just go together like peanut butter and chocolate! Czech, Moravian, Slovakian, American and Irish tunes have continually rocked DJ Bistro's walls since the doors first opened. Just follow our music schedule!

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