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    Daily Specials and Party Platters    

Pictured below are some of our recent weekday and weekend specials, typically served Thursday through Sunday. Call us for today's selection!

For your parties, celebrations, and any special or everyday occasions we offer trays of the Bohemian classic, small open-face sandwiches known as "chlebíčky". Also available are simple charcuterie platters. Call us to talk about your order.

We are always amending our repertoire, building on the best available ingredients,

our chef's whim, and our customers' favorites.


    Catering Ideas   


These are said to be a genuine Czech invention and typically involve 4 inch soft baguette slices topped with our delicious potato salad, a slice of hard-boiled egg, ham or salami, cherry tomato, cheese, sometimes sliced pickle or fresh cucumber, and a little green for extra color and flavor. 

Please talk to us about details and pricing.



  Our charcuterie party platters include sliced deli meats or special smoked kielbasa, cheese, hard boiled eggs, sliced pickles, tomatoes, black olives, and/or other depending on availability and customer's preference.

Please talk to us about details and pricing.

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